Kingdom of Relationship: Counting Coup

462px-Victory_Rag This is to be a list of 100 accomplishments/victories I’ve ever achieved. Small, large, what have you. I hope I’m able to recognize that many. This is really a hard exercise – I feel very much under-accomplished for someone my age, and I keep diverting into memories of bad clarinet reeds squeaking at contests and finking out under pressure at the last minute. I’m just not a person who enjoys high pressure, and I’m always running into issues where that’s the kind of situation people want me for for some poorly-reasoned reason. I’m also looking this over and recognizing that in several places, I’ve received jack recognition for what I’ve accomplished – the world is full of jealously blocked people, I guess. And I don’t toot my own horn that much, which is probably a disadvantage.

1. Graduating college with my B.S.

2. Standing up to the Snob Squad senior year – in front of the entire class.

3. Managing to have a relationship with my first love, despite family obstacles.

4. Introducing Pagan Pride to what is possible with goodwill and organization.

5. Making South Asia Night happen within twelve days of getting the job back in grad school.

6. Having South Asia Night go off without any storming of the stage or mini-international incidents.

7. Introducing organization and planning to that job, too.

8. Getting in to grad school. I downplay it, but it actually was harder than you’d think for not having a GRE requirement.

9. Turning my old pagan website into a worthwhile resource, especially since it started out as a big messy plagiarism issue.

10. National Honor Society

11. Getting into that whole Tomorrow’s Leader’s finalist thing in high school.

12. Finishing that Picture Book of Spells last year.

13. Sustaining my perfumery this long. (Yay!)

14. Finding a job as quickly as I did when I moved to Minneapolis.

15.  Placing first in the all-around team at Quiz Bowl in the 8th grade.

16. Placing first in the Indiana History contest in fourth grade.

17. Many firsts at ISCA music contests; they’d mean more if I actually enjoyed them. Helicopter parents for the lose.

18. Medals for scoring high in some weird English standardized test.

19. Got into the Indiana Children’s Writer’s workshop. (Was forced to go to stupid music contest instead. Blame VERY short-sighted parents.)

20. Straight A’s my last semester of senior year.

21. A complete one-act play my senior year – and an opportunity to produce it. I chickened out, unfortunately.

22.  Fessler writer’s scholarship at Lakeland.

23. Also, Kuehn honor’s scholarship at Lakeland.

24. Polish Women’s alliance scholarship at Mankato.

25. That weird speech scholarship that got split between me and the ass-kissing snotty girl.

26. Coming in second on several things, one or two of which I’m pretty sure I was supposed to be first on and the first place cheated.

27. Not really to me, but in the eyes of those I grew up with: having boyfriends, on a semi-regular basis.

28. Helping S.T find some self-worth. Now that is an accomplishment that mattered to me.

29. Exceeding the fundraising goal when I worked at KMSU as assistant development director.

30. Raising a significant amount of money for MSUPagan with tarot readings during its first full year.

31. Starting a business in the first place.

32. Actually finding the nerve to submit stories to publications in high school.

33. Placing 2nd chair my freshman year of college.

34. Having a hand in bringing a college newspaper from a joke to an award-winning publication.

35. Picking up desktop publishing super quickly.

36. Finding the keys and tools necessary to get Pagans to happily adhere to deadlines.

37. Making the Doctor Who meetup local a really popular event.

38. Making friends in Minnesota. Possibly the hardest thing to do in the US.

39. Extracting myself from a series of consuming and negative relationships.

40. Finding that girl for my ex.

41. Getting to Mankato and surviving.

42. Creating a life for myself, with no support from family or friends.

43. Starting over a few times in life.

44. The bumper stickers. The lack of payment for them still sucks.

45. Publishing annually since 2000.

46. Publication in several small/niche magazines and newspapers.

47. Fat Chic – it’s modestly successful and the audience has more people in it every year.

48.  That program that had sixth graders take the SAT.

49. Inclusion in the Gifted/Talented program in elementary school.

50. Citizen of the year for my music class in fifth grade.

51. Good citizen in elementary school – I think I got it twice. It was a BFD to the kids even though we had no clue what it was about.

52. Slow dancing with the star quarterback in front of everyone – and having no idea who the hell he was until after I’d shot him down for a date. Oblivious and genuine for the win?

53. Making sure the dean of academics at Lakeland knew he was one of the major reasons I was leaving.

54. Overcoming my stereotyping of jocks thanks to P.C.

55. Overcoming the homophobia I was raised for thanks to the LGBC and good friends in Mankato.

56. Oustanding Upperclassman award at Mankato.

57. Honors classes at Lakeland.

58. Some award in Daria fanfiction for my Trent vignettes.

59. Sticking up for the Dian kids (people I babysat for) when a local bully plus bully parent tried to shove in. I think I called the cops; I’m not sure I remember the whole deal, but I did at last put an end to it.

60.  Finishing that first long short story between 8th grade and freshman year.

61. Getting that horrible restaurant job.

62. Quitting that horrible restaurant job for a lower-paying but more peaceful library job.

63. Handling the African-American girl there just fine – I just thought she was funny where every other white person on staff thought she was threatening. I may well have been the only other person on staff equipped with a sense of humor.

64. Organizing the first Pagan Pride at MSU.

65. That TV spot I did for MSUPagan.

66. Standing up to the producer over the TV spot – and getting the clips of the Craft movie removed.

67. Letters to the editor as a teenager. I suspect I introduced the phrase “quick fix” into US lexicon as a result. (I know I used it before TV pundits did.)

68. Finishing my senior year of college with a 4.0.

69. Maintaining a 4.0 in grad school.

70. Working at the battered women’s shelter.

71. Becoming a mandated reporter.

72. Walking. I had an obstacle – my sister. She liked to push me down when she saw me starting to walk. Then I learned to bite her. She still tries it from time to time. I still bite her every time.

73. The extremely unfortunate way I was key in my high school finally having a sexual harassment policy.

74. Placing among finalists in impromptu speech.

75. Placing first in broadcasting at the Chesterton speech meet.

76. Going to sectionals in broadcasting.

77. Placing at a speech meet at all given our truly lousy and narcissistic coach.

78. Receiving praise from mass comm professors for standing out as an actual writer among the majors.

79. My senior project on cults for my mass comm degree.

80. My other senior project on interfaith communication, that eventually won me a friend.

81. The branding that I made happen with my old guild.

82. The successful trunk show in New York.

83. Johndel and Chelo. (Yenta)

84. Bunny and James. (Assistant Yenta.)

85. Regularly outselling the manager in reader’s advantage cards when I worked for B. Dalton – even though I only worked one day a week.

86. Increasing sales in the New Age section there, and turning it in to a location worthy of note – even better than the Barnes and Noble across the lot.

87. Getting the ISO job.

88. Making that job work amidst ALL the cultural conflicts.

89. Getting herbs to grow from seed indoors – and flourish.

90. Actually helping people with my herbal background.

91. Being invited to speak at the Internet Pagan Conference.

92. Consistently giving interviews on Paganism and witchcraft that did NOT get misquoted.

93. Paying off my first student loan.

94. Getting out of credit card debt.

95. Maintaining friendships with positive and supportive people from years past.

96. Avoiding all business debt.

97. The phone call from Bruce Campbell’s agent.

98. Learning enough technology to get around.

99. Every encouraging note I’ve ever gotten from an editor.

100. Every time I’ve surprised someone, especially when I lived in Indiana.

This is actually a really difficult exercise. I had to reach, and I’m pretty sure I skated on a few of these.