Kingdom of Relationship: the Blame Game

10 people/situations/comments that get in the way of my creative progress and what I can do to remedy that.

1. People calling me and disrupting my work, especially when they know I work at specific hours and times.
Stop answering the phone. Repeat when I see them and they ask about my non-phone-answering: “I was working.”

2. Inquiries as to whether I’ve published a book, and dismissive/rude responses when I say that I’ve only published articles to date.
“So tell me about your work. What have you completed?” (Catty, but often revealing.)

3. “You’re too young to write theological/philosophical messages.”
Look at it differently – if I’m young and I’m hitting those buttons, I’m on to something. Also, see above for snotty/frustrated/lazy writer syndrome.

4. “Is this perfume an imitation of [insert name of whatever perfume I’ve never heard before]?”
Repeat that I don’t to imitations. And keep right on creating what I’m creating.

5. Wrinkled nose. “I don’t like it!”
Say, calmly, “I’m sure you’ll find somewhere an artist that offers something you do like.”

6. “These are SO expensive!” (One woman at my craft show who kept loudly announcing my prices to me in hopes she could bully me into lowering them.)
“I’m very fortunate in that my customer base truly values my work.”

7. “This should be VERY SIMPLE for you to do!”
“It’s kind of cool that I make this look easy! If only that were so!”

8. People assuming I have plenty of free time.
“Please email me and let me check against my schedule.” Somehow repeating that I use a calendar (and I do) is magic for altering that perception.

9. “You made this, this and this mistake. You need to do this to make this better.”
“I was sharing, not requesting a grade. But I will keep you in mind for situations where I do need feedback.”

10. “You don’t deserve _____!”
“That’s for someone besides you to decide.”


2 thoughts on “Kingdom of Relationship: the Blame Game”

  1. Ooh, I really like your responses. Hope you don’t mind if I borrow a couple of these and alter to suit my life 😉

    People can be such jerks! I’m annoyed on your behalf about the craft show comments. Hope you gave them back some of your creative wittiness.

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