Kingdom of Relationship: Artist’s Prayer

Eros and Psyche

For those just tuning in, I address a good chunk of my prayers to Eros as my revealed designator of Good Orderly Direction (G.O.D.)

Prayer to Eros:
Divine eternal source of Creative Love,
I lay before you my sins and self-doubts, self-loathings and fears. Free me from the grasp of self-pity, and lead me not into the soothing temptation of martyrdom. Ever remind me that the fears and angers of others are not my own, and not mine to own. Allow me the inner freedom to nurture my creation as I would any child, to put it first, to bring it to completion and to have a balanced, healthy, happy, wholesome life where I may share my love and yours, and blow upon and ignite the gentle sparks of others to full creative flame.

In your Creative Light, may I shine.