Kingdom of Containment: It’s been done


I never actually did that paint-and-cookie-cutter exercise, and I’m pretty sure that my method – just slapping down the cookie cutter and filling it with water color – went contrary to instructions. Evidently I was supposed to dip and color, but that just didn’t seem to work. All the same, the metaphor for genre work was there. I also had a mini-adventure buying the cookie cutters at Target: one of the cashiers has that busybody approach you get from women who work at craft stores. When she asked me if I iced my cookies and I told her I bought the cutters for an art project, she quit speaking to me. It’s like her brain broke.

I’m probably going to use these to make bath cookies, now, though it’s a bit late in the season for this particular shape. Still – fun, and oddly therapeutic!

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