From my artist’s date: Goldstein Gallery

The Goldstein gallery is a mini-museum/art and design center located on the University of Minnesota Saint Paul campus. The building – at least, the entryway, is visually interesting, bright, open, and for some reason bedecked in warnings about swine flu (other photos for another time.) I’m not sure if the exhibits switch off or not – at the moment, it is a collection of couture items from the late 70s and early 80s some of which ventures into current trends. There was also an emphasis of the incorporation of popular artwork into clothing, whether through color and texture of the complete appropriate of the art itself. This falls well in line with concepts of letting go of originality.

And I’m totally going to back to explore the rest of that campus when it’s not raining heavily. The entire campus is visually fascinating, as much of it is repurposed 19th and 20th century farm buildings – and I wandered into the U of M cookbook collection, which is antique and beautiful. If it weren’t for the glares I was getting because my jeans swished, I would have quite noisily plotzed.