Kingdom of Attitude: 5 tasks that took patience

Decoupage in Progress

  • Enduring life in Northwest Indiana until I had the resources to leave
  • Finishing my undergraduate degree – it was constantly stressful, fraught with constant financial worry and minimal living, and was disrupted when the situation at Lakeland became untenable. Given the relentless obstacles and the attempts to pull me “home” it’s amazing I finished, and finished cum laude.
  • Making friends in Minnesota. Minnesotans never leave the state and never move far from their families, so they treat people like me who do leave home states and live away from family with suspicion. Still, I’ve actually managed to make a few friends here, and that has not been easy.
  • Losing all that weight when I was in high school. I don’t think now that I did it from a healthy place, but it tells me that I do my best at accomplishing my goals when I am free of people who prefer a “power over” dynamic with me. My family ignored me at the time, and I used it to my advantage.
  • That “first love” was also gained after my parents tried to put their foot down about who I could be with. I admire my teenage self – when she wanted something, she really made that happen. I’m hoping that as she comes back I can really channel her, because she was mostly unsung but totally amazing.
  • I would count the tarot chair, but there is some debate as to whether or not I actually finished it. I think just doing the seat and some spokes were fine, but other artists disagree.