Kingdom of Sound: the sound shield

I chose this image for this entry because of the protective symbol and shape - I am the photographer in this case

In this exercise, we’re to create a “song-shield” or, as I know them, a “protection spell.” Oddly, I’m only just learning how to protect myself, so it took me a few tries to get one out.

This is actually a curse:
You can stomp and shout and cry
And embarrassment will rain down on you.
Your manipulations I deny.
I laugh as your schemings go askew.

For my own protection spell, here’s what my goofy subconscious offers me at this moment:
Ring ring ring goes the trolley
Ding ding ding goes the bell –
I bounce off now your volley –
You can fuck your self and go to hell!

I can’t really expect my subconscious to be mature.