Kingdom of Sound: magical practice parallels

Flashing Hexagram of Saturn by abramelin.
flashing hexagram of saturn by abramelin on flickr

This is a continuation of the discussion of how I integrate magical practice with the Artist’s way. The image to the left is a creative commons image that I found on flickr; as you can see in the comments below the creator of them made them for a specific purpose. I post it here so you can see what a hexagram looks like – this is not a magical blog, it’s an artist’s way blog, but magic is very key to my creative development so from time to time it gets discussed.

I’m not going to upload any sound files for kingdom of sound work. First of all, it really would be too scary. Second, my equipment for that sort of thing is just limited.

Even so, this making of primal sounds and cathartic work along with cleansing through toning work makes me think of something else I do daily, combined with my morning pages:

The three basic rituals of western Ceremonial magic. I don’t proceed further than these three because the additional rituals, by virtue of inviting “initiation” upend your life in a way that my life has been upended plenty already. I suspect I’m not alone in this decision, and it’s one of the reasons that I’m Wiccan and not a ceremonial magician (you know, aside from actual spiritual belief.)

1. The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (which I cal the LBPR despite that being out of order.)

2. The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram (aka Saturn banishing)

3. The Middle Pillar

A former friend used to go on about how the Middle Pillar was “really an advanced technique” that was meant to be “kept secret.”  I’ve come to the conclusion long since that on many subjects, he was full of shit, and this was one of them. Certainly I believe the Middle Pillar was meant to be kept secret, and it’s definitely a powerful technique – but it’s not a particularly advanced one.  Just wanted to say that before I got started.

Each and every one of these rituals combines visualizing lights and shapes with the intonation of Qaballic sounds that represent the names of God. They aren’t simply spoken, but “vibrated” a la a Gregorian chant. The LBPR uses sound and visualization on the air around you (a cleansing of space.) The LBRH cleanses the situation surrounding you (a cleansing of bullshit.) The Middle Pillar cleans and reorganizes your body and aura, putting you in line – it’s very easy to drop into meditation after using this practice.

As I’ve progressed daily in this practice, I’ve found myself more sensitive to my physical and metaphysical energy fluctuations, and that I’ve come to need these rituals as a single efficient way of keeping them in order. While there are other techniques in energy management that don’t borrow on a Judeo-Christian form of magical and prayer practice, they often require more work to master and don’t have sacred geometry as an anchor, making them far less efficient and ends in themselves that would take away from my artist’s way work.

I’ve come to think of the daily process as follows:

1. Morning pages – stashing my crazy.

2. LBRP – banishing and cleansing my physical space

3. Hexagram – daily bullshit banishing – sort of a ward against histrionics, my own and that of others

4. Middle Pillar – lines me up inside and out (spiritual fiber?)

This is ideally followed by yoga, but often I need breakfast too badly by that time (I get weird without my breakfast) and by writing on a project.

So how is this like what I’m doing in Vein of Gold work? Easy: I’m chanting, and toning like Cameron has us do is much like the chanting – in fact, it might be the great grandaddy of chanting. And both sets of sounds have a profound impact on me creatively.


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