Kingdom of Sight: Officially/Secretly

I Have a Secret by GettysGirl.
I have a secret by GettysGirl on flickr

Officially: I am an intellectual.
Secretly: I love pop culture, especially television.

Officially: I like to write.
Secretly: I like to scribble madly.

Officially: I have no patience for fluff.
Secretly: I “aw” at romantic couples onscreen and in real life.

Officially: I’m a cynic.
Secretly: I’m an idealist.

Officially: I have a dark sense of humor.
Secretly: I’m sad that darkness is all that’s left to surprise us.

Officially: I write about fashion
Secretly: I love, above all, being stylish AND comfortable.

Officially: I want to stay in Minneapolis, as it’s a great city.
Secretly: I want to move to Hawaii or to another warm place near the ocean. For my asthma, among other reasons.

Officially: I am very, very organized.
Secretly: I had to self-teach myself organization skills in college and it’s been a long road from there to here with a lot of lost stuff along the way.

Officially: I love old books and dusty novels.
Secretly: I’m glad I can replace most digitally because I’m allergic to dust.

Officially: I’m reasonably adept with online technology.
Secretly: It took me three hours to figure out where the “on” button was on my first laptop.

Officially: I write “serious” things for sale.
Secretly: I really enjoy writing fanfiction and fan essays about television shows I love.

Officially: I think the world is a complicated place and it’s only by grace alone we are not constantly at its mercy.
Secretly: I think in the US any one person really can change the entire system if and only if that person takes the time to understand both the law and the full responsibilities of citizenship.

Officially: I’m very sarcastic.
Secretly: Actually, I don’t use sarcasm that much at all – people just attribute sarcasm to me because they either don’t understand what I’m saying or just aren’t prepared to process what I have to observe about themselves and their situations.

Officially: I’m hardworking.
Secretly: I tend to come up with my best work when I’m doing it from a state of play.