Kingdom of Sight: the bad colors exercise

Color Self Portrait

According to the exercise in Vein of Gold, Cameron’s task is to find a color you’ve been taught to avoid and to wear it. So here’s one of mine.
In the seventh grade I had a bright yellow turtleneck sweater that my friend Joanna hated. She constantly told me how washed out I looked in it. Since I typically wore it with white jeans and bright orange socks, it actually became an outfit of some contention. Being a fat kid, I was steered away from brights OR blacks, leaving me in a strange land of kitty-print T-shirts and stuck with some safari-delusion of my mother’s that got me a jungle themed wardrobe that has left me viscerally hating animal prints to this day. Joanna hated me in yellow. My mother hates it when either of her children wear black, and really hates the color lavender and thus hates it on me – meaning I spent childhood deprived of the color that I look the absolute best in.

Because of my fair coloring I’ve also been told to avoid bright red lipsticks. The above you see has only been altered for contrast. I’m not wearing ANY blush – just eyeliner, mascara, and red lip pencil. I look like a pretty fat lady, which I am.