Kingdom of Sight: my Treasure Map

Vein of Gold - Treasure Map
I am getting really burned out on collage, so I’m hoping we’re coming to an end with such exercises…but probably not. It looks like Julia Cameron really LIKES collage, and certainly those exercises are valuable even if I do find the entire process tedious, even when it’s on a timer.

My treasure map had a few things I already knew: I strive for prosperity. I want to own a small business. I desperately want more travel. The surprises were in my inclination for traveling to the ocean, or living near it, and enjoying the illusion but not the actuality of a small town life. Like living/working in a tourist-friendly section of Miami or something. All the girls were picked for their sense of ease; somewhere where I enjoy the feeling of my healthy body, and come home to the man that loves me and the dog that thinks I’m the person I strive to be. The bits of jewelery, perfume, etc. is because I want a life of comforts and small luxuries, rather than the traditional extravagant fare. Expensive perfumes at home, but nothing fancier than a Prius to drive. A well-run business with plenty in savings, but building empires would interfere with travel for fun. The kind of life where I roll out of bed, have my breakfast, do my yoga and at some point go for long, reflective walks wearing nicely-made but very comfortable clothing. Tiny luxuries building the mountain of a comfortable life.