Development: Flights of Fancy: the little garden shop

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I have always been prone to flights of fancy, and most of them – since childhood – have revolved around businesses I could start, including one where, upon learning soda cans had minute financial value, I literally dreamed I ran a store themed around used pop cans. Cans cut in half and filled with candy, cans used in mobiles, necklaces of pop tabs…these days, that’s probably. Back then such a thing was unthinkable.

Today’s flight of fancy revolves around a small dream I’ve had since my early 20s: I would like to own and run a metaphysical store. But I want it to have something different, but not improbably: along with the books, herbs and oils, I want to have it attached to a greenhouse. Not only can customers buy herbs, they can buy plants, get the herbs fresh for their cooking and home. I can distill small amounts of oils on-site. I would call the store “Simples” and that’s what it would be: very very simple, based on providing raw product and basic courtesy. Of course witches would shop there, but so could chefs, avid readers and enthusiastic gardeners. My employees would be happy healthy people with the best healthcare plan we could manage and a steady flow of fresh oxygen daily.


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