Kingdom of Sight: magickalrealism collage, ages 10-15

coll10-15This collage captures my developmental phases from ages 10-15. Most prominent is the bike: I learned how to bike a bit later than other kids, and my father’s teaching me how to brake involved allowing me to careen into a public school garage door in the process of learning how to stop. It was pretty funny, and the tire marks remained on the garage door for years. This was also a phase of my life where pop was a staple in my house, I got a lot of bumps and scrapes as my growth spurt was especially awkward, and where my glasses somehow became part of my identity. I liked stickers, leggings, but like most of my childhood spent most of my time alone – other kids were generally mean so if I had friends, it was an at-school only thing because opening up to anyone always meant betrayal, and this was doubly true with the other women in my family. This was OK, though, as this is the point where I developed a very rich inner life.