Artist’s Way, and Twitter hashtags

Free Bird by Southernpixel.
Freebird by SouthernPixel on Flickr

I’m well aware a lot of people refer to the Artist’s Way as “TAW.” So I’m not entirely surprised that someone messaged me on Twitter asking me to start tagging my twitter posts about the Artist’s Way as “#taw.”  I’m also thoroughly irritated that the person started with a “we” are using it and then admitted it was just that individual promoting its use.

My instincts are immediately against it.

Here’s why:

1. A LOT of people have never, EVER heard of the Artist’s Way. I still get asked about using more explanatory tags. Reducing it to an acronym will only further confuse people.

2. I feel like the person who approached me is misrepresenting him/herself with that “we” stuff.

3. If you’ve read the series closely, organization should be kept loose and small. Something about this whole thing smacks of assuming authority where it is neither welcome or invited. This could also be one of my weird personality tweaks, and I acknowledge that. But I do feel a bit like someone has just marched up to me and tried bossing me around while I’m minding my own business.

4. The Artist’s Way is NOT THE ONLY BOOK IN THE SERIES. I’m working through the Vein of Gold. Most people do not progress on to the other books, and have gotten confused about my comments as they are relevant to the other books. Again, I’m concerned a vague acronym that someone could also take for an airline might be problematic on Twitter as it gets yet more crowded with people who don’t really know how to use it and who thus have its context reduced.

I’ll consider what my cluster has to say about it, and I’ve seen them use the abbreviation. I’ll also check out the Artist’s Way official website, too – if it’s used on boards their, sure, I’ll adopt it. But I still think it’s going to be confused with an airline or an acronym for something dirty. (Yes, it’s OK to laugh. I’m well aware I’m being a curmudgeon.)