Kingdom of Story: the Vein of Gold Quiz

File:Danny Kaye.jpg
Danny Kaye with a producer

Name five favorite movies:
Kid from Brooklyn
the Court Jester
Donnie Darko
She’s All That
10 Things I Hate about You

Frequently re-read childhood book:
Anita’s Choice

3 favorite characters;
the Doctor (from Doctor Who)
Donald Duck
Raistlin from Dragonlance

3 Characters I’d like to play
Daria, Kat from Taming of the Shrew, any of the Doctor’s companions

3 things I think about
Happiness, religious freedom, niche businesses

3 things I read about
the occult, vampires, feminism

What was the childhood book about?
My childhood book was about a girl who wanted to be a school teacher but whose family needed her to work the fields/stay with them and how she finally picked herself.

What do the movies all have in common?
My movies are all comedies and are mainly about young people either breaking with convention or breaking with their own self-imposed expectations to find something better or to make their worlds that much bigger.

Do the movies and books have a common theme?
Yes, the pursuit of happiness.

Do characters, thinking, reading, watching, all connect to a common theme?
Yes – it’s all about seeking adventure and stepping into a new experience.