Kingdom of Story: My Cinema Self

File:High Society2.jpg

1. My cinema-self drives a VW convertible bug with a standard gear shift that has been retrofitted to run on McDonald’s grease.

2. Cinema self’s signature clothing item is a fedora, because it’s also my signature clothing item.

3. Cinema self lives in a converted loft in the Warehouse District of Minneapolis, one of the types with two stories to it.

4. Cinema self is Wiccan like I am, but possibly a touch more overt – wears a pentacle in plain sight, or has a pentacle hatpin, more likely.

5. Cinema Self has adored her writing retreat in New Orleans for six months (I’ve actually been, but I want to be there to write LONGER), has had a great time learning to surf in Hawaii/possibly learning why she shouldn’t surf, and considers her greatest spiritual journey to be her tour of the ruins in Greece. She also spent some time in Poland researching family history, although she got out before family members could locate her and ask for money.

6. The title of my cinema self’s autobiography would be the Painful Ecstasy of a Free Spirit.

7. Cinema self is an animal lover, but not necessarily an animal collector. She has a Jack Russel terrier named Spy that is her sidekick on every adventure, even if she has to smuggle him onto planes. She’s wildly allergic to cats, so that even a tiger at the zoo leaves her sniffling and sneezing. Giraffes react to her oddly, often trying to lick her head.

8. Three adjectives for my cinema self: sassy, bitchy (by those who don’t get their way with her) and gleeful.

9. Cinema self has friends everywhere she goes, but not in large batches. In every city she visits she has one or two people with whom she has a close/intimate relationship (intimate being emotionally close) and a series of acquaintances that she likes who like her, usually made through work/maintaining interview contacts or from random adventures in the drunk tank.

10. My Cinema self would not be played by me, I know that much. Definitely someone more glamorous, but also genuinely curvy/plus sized. I don’t know if Nikki Blonsky has the chops to pull me off quite yet, but in a few years she might. I might make an exception of Laura Giacomo did me. That’s a new game I’m going to have to play – who would play this person in a movie? I know others do it, but I didn’t realize why it was so fun.