Kingdom of Story: My secret selves, and their closets

Victoria Gloria, the gothic flapper

  • boots, with a heel modest enough she can dance in them
  • a long black dress with  tier cutting at the edges
  • bloomers,  for when some disapproving marmie visits
  • a scandalously form-fitting knee-length swimsuit
  • a string of pearls, opera gloves, a headband with one orange and one red feather, fishnet stockings, and a black lace garter

Scorpio, the warrior-feminist

  • hiking boots, if possible
  • scrunchies, lots of them
  • either blue jeans or yoga pants
  • sleeveless t-shirts; she likes the sense of freedom
  • lip gloss – she’s feminist, not sexless

the Voluptuous Queen of Babylon

  • a few bellydance veils
  • some yoga pants, as they’re much more flattering than harem pants
  • bustiers and form-fitting tops
  • scented oils and perfume solids, especially jasmine, amber and vanilla – she loves the sensual application
  • jingly ankle bracelets

The Suit

  • Suit jacket
  • Suit pants
  • She often shares boots with the flapper
  • Plain white button down blouse
  • A damn good bra, sometimes paired with a little camisole lace

Aloha the hippy

  • Any series of ankle-length sundresses
  • Big knit purses or tote bags
  • Moisturizer/sunscreen, lots of both
  • Surprisingly expensive designer sandals
  • Goddess/peace sign jewelry


  • Baggy pants
  • Oversize shirts
  • Slip-on shoes, cheap and canvas
  • a hairbrush
  • great big soft wooly socks

Violet (Night) the gothic chick

  • a pentacle-choker
  • long black skirt, ankle length
  • she also shares boots with the flapper, but has found her own pair of knee high boots as well
  • a red and black camisole top
  • kohl eyeliner