Artist Shout Out: Amber Benson

File:Amber Benson.jpg

Amber Benson, for those who don’t recognize this lovely person, is best known to the geek set for playing Tara on Buffy. She’s done some other acting since then, a Lifetime movie that I’ll forgive her for since it was one of the few from Lifetime that was genuinely empowering, and if you ever saw the musical Buffy episode Once More with Feeling you’ll know she has an amazing voice.

She is also one of those amazing creative people who diversifies. Along with her acting and singing talent, she’s written, acted and produced in the digital production Chance:

Benson is also something of a comic book fan, a playwrite, and author of what looks to be turning into a book series entitled Death’s Daughter.

It’s an inspiration to all of us tapping into multiple forms of creativity. Yay Amber!

For those of you who suspect I have a thing for Joss Whedon and the universe he creates, you’re absolutely right. That’s why you will see so many actors within six degrees of Whedon and/or Seth Green. Those two receive enough adulation without my help, but I might do it anyway. I suspect they’re part of what keeps these people who have worked with them so creative, too.