Kingdom of Story, Ages 30-present

Di on her 30th Bday – me on my 30th birthday.

  • In my thirties I began to feel better, ready to set aside my angst.
    • My life seemed somehow calmer. I wasn’t where I wanted to be, or as fit as I wanted, and I sure as hell wasn’t solvent. But I have the power to fix it.
    • I think this was because my Saturn return completed and somewhere along the way I developed a profound respect for myself. I forgave myself all the stupid, sad things I did post-divorce and I realized that even though I acted against them out of pain, I am a person with values and that deep down I know what’s right for myself.
    • My friendships seemed to stabilize – certainly a lot of people moved to the background who are moving forward again, and I’m more interested in picking the sincere people now.
    • I found myself more convinced it was time, especially in regards to my writing. Time to change my approach and time to commit to my creative ability.
    • I developed a deeper interest in the arts world; I have many interests all at a fairly deep level.
    • Hobbies include decoupage, gardening, reading and writing fanfiction as a relief from my usual content generation.
    • My life was (is) dominated by my health and business needs, in that order. I’m still not “well” although I’m functioning much better. However, hives can be triggered at any time and at any level of severity so I have to constantly protect myself.
    • I consider myself self-employed. I joke about my finacee being my sugar daddy, but I’m hoping to have some degree of greater contribution in the relationship. There are issues of guilt at me not working and some judgment from others who thing I’m just getting away with a “free ride.” But so far it’s working for us.
    • I do wish I could travel a lot more.

    I think most importantly, I quit dyeing my hair bright red – allergies won, but wow, I do look very nice with my natural colors, silver streaks included!