Weekly Check in, Vein of Gold

Crayon Pyramid by very little dave.
crayon pyramid on flickr by very little dave

Actually, the Vein of Gold doesn’t have weekly check-ins so much because this isn’t the kind of work you finish in a month. However, for lack of a better explanation, I want to talk about a phenomenon developing with me:
I’m starting to have literal conversations with my inner child.

I’ll be sitting down to work, and suddenly find myself distracted, avoidant, checking fan boards or doing other things that aren’t getting work done. One day this got so frustrating that I said out loud, “What’s the matter? What’s going on?” and I got an answer from a little voice within that I recognized even though I don’t know if I’d ever heard it before: “I’m hungry!”

I stopped and observed, and I’ll be darned, I was hungry. When it happened again, I was ignoring signals that I was thirsty, that I needed to go to the bathroom. Today’s troubles were because I was really sore from the water aerobics workout the day before and she wasn’t liking the soreness. When I delved further into the restlessness and asked her what she wanted, she answered that she wanted to go play and that she hadn’t in really a long time.

I hadn’t, in kid time or in adult time. And kids don’t count having drinks with friends as “play” unless someone snorts something out of their nose. So I made a deal with her that I’d watch Hairspray if she’d let me finish x amount of work – and I’ll be darned if I wasn’t able to get to work, but the minute I was done, the concentration was shot so I went and watched/danced through the movie. And sitting back down to work, it’s been a fairly smooth and accomplished night (I write a lot of blog posts in advance so the world doesn’t know quite how often I oversleep.)

This direct sort of conversation is very new, but so far, it’s working.