Artist’s Date post: Hairspray

My inner child and I are communicating in a much more literal manner these days (actual pauses to check in, like I do when babysitting.) There will be more about that in another post, because this change merits further discussion.

In the meantime, in the midst of a rather grueling blog-ahead session (I have a LOT of contract work this summer) my inner child began singing and getting distracted. Of course, when inner child is distracted, it takes outer adult with it. Given how hard I’d been working and I could pin down the tune, I asked my sweetie to obtain said movie for me and this was my Wednesday afternoon artist’s date. While it’s not a full on musical marathon, I still absolutely loved it – when I watch this movie, I have to get up and dance. The version of Hairspray released in the 80s (90s?) was one of my first experiences with the fat positive, and because it was, my family made sure I saw it. (They were conflicted about my being fat. Conflicted means you don’t always get it right.)

This was a great way to spend the afternoon, and I absolutely love the cast of this movie – even John Travolta in the fatsuit.