Digging for my Vein Of Gold

Cleveland County Sunset [10/365]

I wanted to start this journey off with a pleasant image, one that makes my heart sing because of the colours and feeling… and in this case, the memory of driving home and being struck by the beauty of the sunset. Here, I’m sharing this with you!

If you’ve been following the journey of this Creative Cluster, you probably have noticed that Di has been the most active in posting her work here. As for myself, the past few months of journeying have been very internal, and most of my Work went into my paper journal. However, after looking over what Vein Of Gold is asking of us, I can see that this is the point where I should begin sharing the Work I’ve been doing on myself – and as well, why I’ve been moved to do it.

I battle with depression, and I battle with my past and the scars it has left on me and my self-worth. Despite that, I have forged on, begun to heal, and I’m slowly creating an Artistic Life for myself in which I can find great joy. Julia Cameron’s books and my Creative Cluster have helped SO much with this effort, and I can only believe that this was how it was meant to go; I tried doing this Work years ago, and failed. I suspect it was because I was not ready – the chapters that needed to close had not yet done so. I don’t expect this process to stop anytime soon, because of course it took a lifetime to create the scars I carry. But this Work is like a healing balm, and not only can I see the difference in me [and my Clustermates!] but I can also see the gifts that the Work has brought to me.

I am grateful. I am determined. I am happy to take on this next book, and see what changes are to come!

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