Vein of Gold

xiane and I are now moving forward with the The Vein of Gold, both of us having finished Finding Water: The Art of Perseverance. I can’t speak for xiane’s accomplishments, although I see more happiness and sociability in her. In my case, the changes are not as dramatic with Finding Water as they were with the Artists’ Way. I don’t have any finished work to show, and the studio I spent all that time cleaning is again a mess after an electronic setback that’s just these past two weeks been recovered from.

However – those minor changes are where it all happens. I find that I:
1)am mostly good about my morning pages
2)have developed much improved work habits
3)am more social – along with the writer’s group I’m reaching out to friends more, and I’m spending more time interacting with people I do know and that I don’t.
4)I’m learning more and more sanity self-checks. If I do my morning pages, it helps keep me stable and sane, and if it starts welling up at night I’ve started keeping a sketch journal.

I am taking into account the loss of my father, wedding planning and other issues. Given the emotional challenges, I’ve done pretty well, and I’ve learned that if you slip or skip – just pick it up again. Sometimes it takes longer than others. But looking at myself from last year to this year, I’ve made my peace with quite a lot of things I wasn’t quite OK with when I started the Artist’s Way. I’m noticing more people are perking up and taking notice of TAW on Twitter as well; while our cluster is small and closed I’m pleased to network with and support other artists. The challenges in life and to my creativity will never end. Crazymakers are out there. But so are really supportive, positive people. Like my truly fabulous artist’s cluster – I hope to see the rest of my sisters join me on here as soon as they’re ready!