More on Crazymakers

photo by tomsaint11 on flickr

I’ve continued with the writer’s workshop group, because even though it rubber bands in term of size and participants, it’s got some exceptional writers in it. And one crazymaker. The good news is, from an odd position, I’m not the only target for her crazy and I’ve heard a few wild anecdotes that I absolutely believe, but if last night’s behavior is any evidence she’s putting some real thought into what she pulls with me.

I’m writing a horror-fantasy piece. Since I don’t generally write fiction (blog like it’s the end of the world and fanfic excepted) it’s new territory for me. Her questions were along the line of “What’s the deeper meaning? Are you exploring shadow sides?”  You know, the kind of things frustrated English teachers and artistically blocked graduate school professors ask. The implication that to be worth anyone’s time, it has to be “art.”

She had no response when I finally answered: “I’m just having fun.”

I’m pretty sure she was trying to make me somehow feel inadequate, and apparently it’s been floated that she’s “some sort of writing genius.” I’m not seeing it, and I don’t know how you could possibly see genius in anyone’s writing.

I’ve spent my life among geniuses. My dad had an IQ of 180, my mother claims hers was around 144. I test at best in the 120s, so I’m not part of that club, although people perceive my intelligence as very high. Then again, they’ve never watched me try to arrange furniture.

Every serious boyfriend I’ve ever had has had a genius IQ; only one was ever a condescending prick about me not being “as smart” as he is and I take gratification in the fact that his first marriage lasted even less time than my own. My fiancee is extraordinarily, stunningly smart.

One thing I can tell you about geniuses? Nearly all of them should get an award titled “Most likely do something stupid…on a regular basis.” For instance, today, when Mike had the urge this morning to lick a jagged metal can lid. Mmm, blood flavor peaches. Various things that I have observed smart people do that have gotten them whacked on the head, nearly electrocuted or very nearly arrested. It’s partly their curiosity – geniuses tend to be curious people, and that means that there’s a stupid gene that will get activated when curiosity kicks in. As the Jane Goodall of geniuses, I can assure you that their masterful ideas are usually the result of nearly or actually getting injured most of the time.

There are a lot of things that bother me about this woman, and I’m certainly not alone in that. Her aggressive attempts to direct any attention away from me were annoying, but for once, I have practiced backup. And we can’t just make her go away.

…I looked at her profile the other day. She claims she’s found a cure for writer’s block. My first thought? “Danger, Will Robinson!”

I’ll stick to Julia Cameron, thank you.