Five Things I Have Persevered at

I surprised myself with this one. While I haven’t hit 10 things in life I would count as accomplishments, I have found five things that I’ve more or less stuck to.

1. Writing. I have believed since I was around 13 that I am meant to be a writer. I’ve stuck with it. I’m 33 now, so I have been writing and believed in my writing for 20 years.

2.Bellydance. I may drop classes because of money issues, and those money issues have kept me from progressing past level I at any institute. All the same, I still do it anyway, at home or with friends when I can. I’ve been doing this for ten years and it’s still a part of my life rather than a passing interest.

3.Getting organized. It’s taken me two months where I more or less put my business on pause. My studio looks great now, and my entire apartment is very easy to navigate, clean, work and live in.

4.Building my perfume business. I’ve been at it for two years, and while it hasn’t become hugely successful, it’s a part of my life, and I’ve stuck with it despite setbacks. Slowly but surely I’m even becoming a better perfumer. I recently succeeded in extracting fruit. Fruit!

5.College. I get down on myself for not finishing graduate school, and I have to remind myself that that’s a loss of perspective. I finished undergraduate school despite family, financial, and the occasional selfish-boyfriend based obstacles. I may be no great shakes for my career, and my field is disappearing in an electronic haze, but at least I finished, and I’m starting to realize that yes, really, most people don’t even get that far.

I just wish I weren’t so deeply uncomfortable asking for letters of recommendation for graduate schools. That’s the biggest reason I haven’t applied to the MFA program at the U of M.