I know I’m on a new week, and once this cold breaks I think I’ll be very much about making up the artist’s dates I skipped.


As it is:

Morning Pages – five out of seven. Some days I just couldn’t take the insight. I’m a bit more fragile than usual, but I’m sure I’ll repair – I’m made of resilient stuff, really.

Walk – didn’t do it.  Just didn’t.

Date – define “date.” In my case, I indulged myself by staying in all week and reading an entire fiction book – and I loved every minute of it. I decoupaged, I drew, I even started a pictoral journal where I can paste and glue stuff. So while I didn’t go on a date per se, I certainly indulged my inner child.

What I learned after this rough week (where my sense of fragility is related to the worse end of a cold):

Doing all that art stuff won’t make me feel better right away, but in the long run, it does help. It’s like an emotional antibiotic (except that it still works) by allowing you to deal with the inner drama on the page and treat it before it totally takes over. And you will feel stronger the day after you do all that work. Maybe not completely healed – this is a one day at a time process – but stronger, anyway.