10 Accomplishments?


I tried to make a list. It wound up depressing and fell short of the full 10. As hard as I work, things haven’t been finished, and if I had 10 accomplishments I probably wouldn’t be working my way through Finding Water. It’s both encouraging and discouraging to know a woman I know locally is now releasing her third book. I’ve yet to finish one. 😦

What have I got to show for myself?

1. A well-organized front closet

2. I’ve had short articles published, and I’ve been paid for them.

3. Fat Chic is something, I suppose, but it brooks no income and I don’t even know if it helps anyone. Given the rather insulting “we hope to see something from it” on Elastic Waist last year, well… (while giving high praise to one of those blogs that does nothing but post about one sale after another.)

4. I did graduate college, with my family trying to monkeywrench it the entire time. And I graduated with honors.

5. I have never had to move back in with my parents.

There aren’t a whole lot of accomplishments in my life that have gone untarnished. It’s frustrating, but it’s true.

I thought about skipping this post, but I realize that I’m almost definitely not alone – and in its own way exposing this frustration will help someone else.