Artist’s Walk – the Pruning

I made my second artist’s walk this week (third?) after getting schedules straight with Mike. On these walks, I’m seeing two things:

1. the sloth is active when I come in.

Sloth at Como by you.

This is notable because sloths are nocturnal/not so fond of sunlight and I tend to arrive around noon.

2. the activity that is part of the care of the garden synchronizes with the care I’m taking for myself.

Como Conservatory by you.

In this case, the gardeners are pruning at the conservatory – and I’m pruning at home, going through my goods and cleaning things out. I have this theory that time actually slows down in January. I used to focus on wishing it would speed up, and how it made winter, the most difficult time of year, even more hellish. I’ve reset my thinking, however: that makes it a great time to take care of all that stuff I don’t have time to/don’t want to the rest of the year. If time is slow anyway, then I have lots of it to cleanse, donate, and reuse.

Como Conservatory by you.

I’m enjoying seeing the pruning, and I’m trying to sync my prunint at home. Since last week I know how a clean desk where I can work easily and a clearly defined display area that I’ll be ordering track lights for. If you’re going to pick a project where you know progress is slow, might as well choose a time when time is moving slower to do it.

Como Conservatory by you. Como Conservatory by you.

It’s also nice to get in the oxygen and really make the most of my artist’s walk – lots to breathe, lots to meditate on.


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