Weekly Check-in: magickalrealism

1. Morning pages were a hit. 7 out of 7. And there is some good stuff coming up, a lot of it dealing with childhood memories otherwise ignored, vivid dreaming, the whole lot.

2. Artist’s Date: full of fail. NOTHING happened, not even my paperwork fest. I want to blame Mike, but I was also struck with a very nasty health issue that inhibited my breathing forcing me to give a day to care of the body first.

3. Artist’s Walk: angry Diana. Mike and I had made an agreement that Mondays, I would get the car and go for my walk at the conservatory (while Cameron’s ideas about getting out in all weather are cute, they’re just not safe in Minnesota when it’s below zero, and a two degree rise ends in a blizzard.) Monday he appeared, keys in hand, and announced he was going to the robotics place he works for. He did apologize, but it still prevented me from going. I know they need his help, but I needed that time and I won’t get it back. He did offer to drop me off at the other conservatory that has evening hours, but a nasty blizzard came up and it made driving across town to unsafe to manage. While ultimately it’s not all his fault, I’m still kind of ticked off because I feel like I’m in a situation where I’m constantly being chaperoned and I don’t much like it. Combine this with guilt at using the car at all, and I’m more or less chasing my tail.

4. Issues: A few. First, establishing boundaries with Mike in winter. Everything’s harder in winter, and we’re more co-dependent than we are in summer, but it also makes doing the artist’s work harder. Especially since we share a car and an income, and most indoor stuff I have to pay for. I actually do have an artist’s date scheduled for Thursday that’s literally across the street from my apartment, so at least I have a start there. Second, my health is highly important and while it works into this, a good portion of my daily work must involve regular exercise – otherwise, I will become a danger to myself. It’s that serious. Third: Organization. I realized that my office has hit a point where I can’t work in it, as I’m too distracted by the mess. I need to fix this if I want to get anywhere.