Ten things I cherish

  1. My husband’s unshakeable love.
  2. My cat Squeegee’s kisses, especially first thing in the morning, or when I’m feeling down.
  3. The beautiful, varied North Carolina countryside.
  4. The amazing, incredibly supportive and nurturing friendships that I have with my Artist’s Cluster, Melissa, and Maya.
  5. The new, improved close relationship that’s grown between my Mother and myself.
  6. The feeling of cool water on my face, best experienced when just waking up.
  7. My ability to magickally turn wool into yarn, then into a garment.
  8. Green growing things and how happy and complete they help me feel.
  9. Singing… LOUDLY.
  10. Driving anywhere by myself in my Jeeple. It is possibly the best time for me to really think about the important things.