5 small actions I can take

I guess my problem with this exercise is I have so many BIG projects and I’m thinking of them in one fell swoop. It’s the wrong way to think, just as is my thinking daily of “this is what I gotta do.”

I think I’ll take on the Wicca and Divorce book. It’s outlined, it’s being written, although the pages have languished since mid-November.

What are 5 steps I can take to get that done?

I can …

    Write a paragraph, anywhere in the piece.
    Read some handparting rituals online.
    Light a candle and meditate on the book.
    See what resources my public library has on the subject.
    Talk to other people who have experienced divorce.

I think part of my problem is fear of how the energy might impact my upcoming new marriage, but I do sense it’s time to get this done.

1 thought on “5 small actions I can take”

  1. Like the process of morning pages, I think the most important thing here is the last bit–identifying your fear, what blocks your progress. So, I think your new #1 on this list needs to be what you need to do to make this work safe for you at this time (even something as simple as a poem/note/prayer you read to yourself before and after each work session). Good luck 🙂

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