10 Things I Cherish

  1. The west-facing view from my balcony; I can watch the sunset, see the skyline and smell a cacaphony of cultural cooking spicing the air
  2. The big downtown library and the branch on the corner opposite my apartment. It is filled with awesome lectures, pretty magazines and a general love of knowledge.
  3. My neatly divided kitchen.
  4. The liberal nature of my city and the forums that get me the real news.
  5. Fat Chic – I no longer think of my interest in fashion as shallow/shameable. It’s not just fun, it’s using your body as a pallette to extend a statement of personal power.
  6. Internet access, and my fiance’s love of all things that save space and make life more convenient.
  7. My fiance’. He makes life better in so many ways.
  8. The indoor conservatories in the Twin Cities, offering relief from winter and potent charges of oxygen.
  9. My artist’s cluster – all these friendships lead me to valuable places.
  10. The art scene in Minneapolis; it’s this powerful, hidden treasure like a big beautiful secret kept from the provincial-minded on the coasts.