5 Beautiful Things and an Alarming Epiphany

Epiphany: I need to get an alarm clock, and I can’t hang on to the excuse that I’m holding out for a Zen Alarm anymore. I just need to get up earlier than I have been. Those early hours of the morning, those are the best ones for so many things, and i’m sleeping through them. I was sleeping so much because I’ve been so ill for so long, but at this point, sleep is just hibernation, not healing. So I must rouse from my slumber and greet the dawn. Or at least, my latest recording of Gilad and my ever-expectant laptop and desktop screens.

Sunrise over the sea.jpg

5 Beautiful Things

  1. The hush of a snowy night, cushioned by a roof of clouds, making the entire outdoors seem preciously small and every word spoken intimate. Even words like “She can’t parallel park worth a darn!” sound tender between snow and sky.
  2. Men. Lots of beautiful men.
  3. The man spontaneously singing and dancing down East Hennepin.
  4. The green buses. I think they are beautiful, and they mean something beautiful.
  5. My engagement ring – it represents not just a promise, but tells me how very much I am loved.